DS3 Sixaxis official Sony controller (no ripoff), button mapping problem

  • Hello,

    When I choose to emulate a ds4 in shibari instead of a xbox 360 controller I have not the normal button mapping, my Cross become a Circle and my Square become Triangle and vice versa, all others inputs are correct.

    I have no such swapping emulating a x360, I have no clue here.

    Edit : I just noticed that the connection via USB don't work, I hope the controller can still charge. et merde.png

    Edit 2 : It seems on Dinput that it work ok on some games and it's not ok on others.
    Like in Indivisible there is Dinput support (what I wanted out of Bthps3/Shibari etc... is having PS3/4 on screen prompt and it's game dependant) and this game had the problem I wrote above, but for Moonlighter and Hades all of the on screen prompt are 100% correct, by correct I mean the visual display on screen match all the buttons on my controller.

    In comparison Ori and the will of the wisps (who don't give a shit about Dinput support) even if I already know what xbox prompt are for my ds3, because I am used to it and the general layout is the same it's just A = Cross / B = Circle and so on, every button is fucking random worse than indivisible. Look at this

    On ds4 setting I have this (I did not test d-pad):

    Cross = B /// R1 = RB*
    Circle = X /// R2 = Select
    Square = A /// L1 = LB*
    Triangle = Y* /// L2 = Start
    Right stick in right position = LT /// Right stick in left position = RT
    Right stick in up position = Left stick left position /// Right stick in down position = Left stick right position
    Left Stick is all good*
    (* means it's correct mapping)

    It feels like gambling everytime I open a new game, but yeah emulating an x360 resolve all the problem, I just have some random vibration sometimes for no reason (only for Ori it seems what the hell) but mapping is 100% accurate.

    What can I do to resolve that ?
    I do not really want to switch everytime when it does not work.

    Edit 3 : Ok after trying with a real DS4 controller without any additional software I have the same f*ck up controls on ori, so it's seems it's just the game's fault and not your software.