After Bthps3 install HDMI will not connect

After i installed bthps3 when i restarted my system the HDMI will not connect or even try to for that matter, theres no sign of it even trying to connect or register. Any quick Ideas

Sorry m8. Your asking in the wrong place. BthPS3 can't touch your HDMI connection.

I'm having a hard time making a connection between Bluetooth and HDMI as well (no pun intended) 🤔

Especially with so little details about your system.

Im not sure its a bit of an oddball, After re-installation I managed to re-enable my HDMI but only when all the Nefarius tools are disabled, Im currently toying with different drivers for my (not impressive) GTX 970m card. I'll get it figured and let ya know what it took to make kitty purr. Thanks tho, Keep up the great work!!