Ds3 sometimes no input although succesfully connected bug?

hello guys , first of all i want to thank everyone here and especially nefarius for his contribution !

there is a bug that occurs sometimes ,i can't reproduce it 100% ..in the picture below it was worst case scenario

shibari version
vigem 1.16.116
bt drivers

windows 10 pro 1909

official sony dualshock3 controller

in older versions of shibari it was more rare (i have 2 computers with different versions installed )

bug1: sometimes when connecting via bluetooth ,ds3 connects but there is no input in games

bug2:(i included this bug that is probably known and had it forever) > when i plug usb cable everything works fine ,when i unplug it
gamepad is still connected via bluetooth but there is no input in the games.


this post is just to help the development of this great piece of software not asking for any ETAs
thank you all ,

it was my first post here btw so be kind if there are mistakes 🙂

edit: if i connect a second ds3(2) while ds3(1) is not working like as described above ,ds3(2) will work sometimes first try ,sometimes same as ds3(1) it will connect but no input ...i believe there is a problem when a controller connects and reconects without the pc restarting ,lets say if i connect ds3(2) for the first time since system booted it will work first try flawlessly , if i disconnect it and reconnect it many times in the same session the bug will appear 100% (even after restarting shibari)..to fix system reboot is needed
device manager.png

Thanks for the detailed report, you're not ignored, I'm simply currently working on something new 😉


thanks for your reply!!! i just admire so much your software and i want to help everyone using it ..no worries ,you have already done so much!

p.s. if any testing is needed i am here and on discord to help ! 🙂