I can’t remove the drivers from ScpToolkit

So did you follow the guide? So far I haven't seen any evidence for SCP residue other than written claim so what do you expect from me?

Follow the guide, especially the part with Driver Store Explorer and share screenshots here.

@nefarius And why should I do the manual, if I deleted the OS and installed it clean, and on a clean system I didn’t install ScpToolkit at all, there are more drivers from it. What evidence do you need?

You are claiming that SCP is somehow re-materializing itself back on your fresh formatted PC so it's actually on you to deliver the proof!

I told you quite a few times already what to do and you respond with the same question, that's not gonna solve anything.

So one last try: get Driver Store Explorer, run it and share screenshots of the list of drivers on your "fresh" system. If they are really there, the tool will show them.

And again, if you turn off "Automatically download manufacturer’s applications and custom icons available for your devices"

Аннотация 2020-03-13 194106.jpg

and remove the device, it is displayed normally.

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There are none of "my" drivers on your system according to Driver Store Explorer, so... 🙄

@nefarius This is the point that the driver doesn’t turn out to be deleted completely, namely, it loads and binds, the Bluetooth adapter icon on the micro-soft server

You seem to deliberately misinterpret what I'm saying. There are no SCP drivers on your system, whatever issue you're experiencing has nothing to do with my software, period. I don't know why you seem to think that's the case, the proof is right there and this conversation is leading nowhere.

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