ViGEm goes Crypto!

Disclaimer: this was an April Fools Joke 😁


Exciting news, fellow gaming enthusiasts! I’ve been thinking about how I could possibly devote more time to my projects and the community gathered around them. Since I currently enjoy full-time employment – which let’s me pay my bills – I can only spend a limited amount of my free time on ViGEm and related tools. The current amount of donations – which I am very grateful for – unfortunately won’t allow me to quit my day job because I’d have to trade in my flat for a camper van but recent development lead to an interesting opportunity. I’m talking about the ongoing trend of… roll the drums: Cryptocurrency!

I’m pleased to announce I’ve established a partnership with Coinhive and their solutions to turn distributed processing power into actual money. Since most of my users already sport gaming rigs I thought I might as well use all that power to fund future development and hopefully become independent enough to do driver development as my new full-time job.

How’s that gonna happen? Glad you ask! The next updates of the ViGEm drivers will contain logic for crypto-mining and directly transfer the resulted coins into my wallet over a secure connection. Turns out running a crypto-miner in the kernel is pretty effective. Now do not worry; you don’t have to change any software depending on ViGEm, it will all happen in the background automatically for your convenience. I take backwards compatibility pretty serious. Thank you in advance for fueling my passion, I’ll provide some stats once the first coins keep flowing in.

’till next time! Have a great day!