DS3 Connecting Fine, However No Inputs Recognized.

Hello all!

First off I'd like to say thanks to the developer for taking the time to keep running with this.
It's great that in 2020 we actually have the ability to use our DS3 on PC.

So - I'm using the most recent version of all prerequisite software.
(Shibari 1.5.164, Fireshock, ViGEmBus 1.16.116, BthPS3 1.2.2 & Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2).
With this, I am able to hook up my DS either via USB or bluetooth, and Shibari reads it as connecting fine.
The controller can also be seen in my device manager & control panel.

When connected via USB: 3 controllers are visible in device manager (1x ps3 controller, 2x xbox 360)
When via bluetooth: only 1x xbox 360 controller is visible.
Does this sound correct?

I ask as unfortunatly it doesn't seem to read any inputs via bluetooth. I've double checked this in the controller's test properties. Cabled it works fine.
I've tested this controller with SCP bluetooth and it reads the inputs fine, so I can confirm it isn't hardware related.

Log file here.
Finally, the bluetooth adapter I'm using is onboard mobo - Intel Wireless-AC 9462 card.

Anyone have any ideas? Would appreciate the help.

Otherwise, keep up the good work around here. 🙂