Bluetooth connections (Keyboard etc.) not working

  • Yes of course! Nice feature 🙂


    Under bluetooth you can see the internal bluetooth device (Intel) and the bluetooth dongle (Generic Bluetooth Radio) 🙂

  • Properties for both devices in Device Manager:



    Oh, and when none of my attempts helped me in getting my keyboard up and running, I just reinstalled your software as per the toturials mentioned earlier, to be able to use my PS3-Controller again 🙂

    Also, thank you for the fast response!

  • Bloody hell, that looks far from optimal 😜 follow this please and install BthPS3 again.

  • Just found some extra info. Maybe it is helpful.



  • Your suggestion worked! Thank you SO much!

    My keyboard works, and I can still use my controller when wired in by USB at least 😄
    I removed the lower filter as instructed,

    (The background is from the link you gave me, the lower part is my registry editor)


    LowerFilters deleted:


    then I downloaded the version of the bluetooth driver linked in the toturial (BthPS3 Bluetooth Drivers_v1.2.2.exe), which is one generation after the one I used initially I guess. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled, and I regained control of my bluetooth connection in the process.

    This is my Device Manager now 🙂


    The dongle is still showing the error, but luckily I don't need it now 😄 The other error is new though.
    The controller doesn't seem to connect by bluetooth. Maybe this new error reveals the reason?

  • That's unfortunately still the same error, just different symptoms... Uninstall, reboot, install again, the whole setup isn't cleanly run and as long as those exclamation marks are there it will not function.

  • Note to self: change filter driver installation crap code 😈

  • I'm sorry to ask, but how do I actually uninstall completely?
    The drivers seem to stay in the system after uninstalling. I uninstalled vigem using the dedicated installer, and I uninstalled the drivers using the uninstall option in the driver installer (BthPS3 Bluetooth Drivers_v1.2.2.exe). Then, after rebooting like you suggested, I have functional bluetooth for my keyboard, but many of your drivers seem to stay behind after uninstalling. This is from my Device Manager after the uninstall and reboot:


    I also tried to right click and choose uninstall for every bluetooth related item in the Device Manager, then rebooting, and they reappeared again.

    The guide by Forceflow called 'Nuking ViGEm completely (thorough removal)' seems to end with a comment, saying that the installer should be used in stead of the guide, but I'm actually not completely sure if that was the intent? Should I follow the guide in stead? 🙂

  • ViGEm has nothing to do with Bluetooth whatsoever so removing that will not change anything. I've seen a few cases like yours before, I have an idea for the next release to fix it, I'd send you a test package if you're available.

  • And you can't uninstall every Bluetooth device by the method you mentioned, some will come back because they need a different way of uninstall which the setup would do if functioning correctly.

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