BthPS3 Bluetooth Drivers_v1.2.2 installation failure

  • Hello,

    Everything was working well with BthPS3+FireShock+Shibari (even with 6 sixaxis/ds3 controllers connected, I tested for one day only) but today it is not working anymore (I can see all my devices connected in Windows Game Controllers settings) but only 1 controller could receive the inputs.
    I uninstalled everything to try a new install, but I'm blocked with BthPS3 Bluetooth Drivers setup failing with this message:

    Otherwise could I have the code source of the installer to debug it?

    Thanks for all the work anyway!

  • There's only really one condition triggering this and that's the Bluetooth radio not being operational. Share the view of your Device Manager please.

    For now I don't plan on releasing the sources for various reasons including legal stuff, sorry.


  • Indeed, here it is:

    e429d902-4577-4ef5-b524-91efdfb51e47-image.png 3b921cca-e0f5-41c8-8716-14cb44576232-image.png

  • OK so I could fix it by deleting the registry value "LowerFilters" here: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class{e0cbf06c-cd8b-4647-bb8a-263b43f0f974} (idea found on the web with a "%hs doesn' exist bluetooth windows" google search).


    Then the installation of BthPS3 was successful and everything is working like before 🙂

    Thanks for the highlight @nefarius

  • use and delete of force delete anything that assembles vigem or bthps3 or anything connected to vigem then reinstall all. been there and this worked for me

  • @seiif that too but in this case the solution of @AdrienVR is a 100% correct and Driver Store Explorer can't help you here as it doesn't touch filter driver registry settings.