ScpToolKit Bluetooth Issues

Heya, in reference to this old thread,
I read in other forums that you needed a second dongle to be able to use both bluetooth devices and connect your controllers.
I bought a new dongle and this doesnt seem to work, SCP just overrides the other dongle too.
Now, I'm posting to know if indeed the bluetooth usage is completely blocked on my computer or if I did something wrong.

EDIT: Just kept looking around for solutions on nefarius' patreon and found AirBender. Is this the solution to my problem?

You have to manually force the stock driver over that other dongle with Device Manager. If that doesn't work/stick, you're simply out of luck as SCP is dead and not receiving any fixes for years now.


@Slan no, AirBender is legacy and discontinued as well, you want BthPS3


hey nefarius, so thanks for the quick reply and solution!
By the way, should i force uninstall drives before uninstalling scp?
Keep up this amazing work!!

Just nuke SCP completely or the other solutions will not work. There's a comprehensive guide on the forums as well. Make sure to follow that, it covers everything.