I am working on a project and I was curious if there is a way to install these drivers without running through the exe? I see that the installer is using Advanced Installer which is what I am using so it should be quite easy to figure out once I have the necessary files. I am somewhat new to all of this and I was looking for the driver files on the Git but I did not see them.

I already downloaded the 360 drivers from Microsoft and extracted them from their temporary location that their exe places them in.

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!

Thank you 🙂


the setup is the only way I provide my signed builds of the driver since maintaining multiple sources in the past has only lead to confusion and increased maintenance overhead for me and the whole signing process is in it already complex enough so I'm sticking to providing one source of the free, public build.

If there's demand for commercial support, hit me up via mail 😁


And while we're on the topic; technically you're not allowed to redistribute Microsoft's XUSB drivers outside of that package (see EULA).

Ok, well I will try another route then. I ran your installer through my own installer via Advanced Installer and it all seemed to install ok. I have DS4Windows set to start when Windows starts but upon opening it says Vig isn't installed, although it clearly is. I can also view it in the Uninstall Windows Features box.

That works too ofc. and you'd need to have a look at the DS4Windows sources on how they perform the detection of the installation.

Ok, thank you.