Why is nobody helping me???

I posted that Shibari is NOT working at all after I was told to use it instead of SCP and nobody is helping me!! It took two seconds for someone to tell me that SCP is outdated but when I have a problem with what I was told to use instead, NOBODY replies 😞

I'm sorry, people have lives outside of supporting random individuals on the internet.

We are a group of unpaid volunteers, with some of us paying our own money for projects like these with no profit back. We try to help as best as we can, but you have to have patience.

@MoltresRider welcome to the internet. Stop trolling or victimizing yourself, nobody falls for that around here. It's insanely disrespectful towards the volunteers floating around here to demand immediate attention and response times like you have some sort of enterprise SLA - which you don't. With free products comes the liberty of us to invest as much or as little time in free support as we please so stop acting entitled. This isn't Instagram.

The nerve of some people these days...