Keyboard and mouse blocked after HidGuardian install

As the title says, after installing hidguardian on a W7 pc keyboard and mouse stopped working.
When trying to connect a different device (such as wireless) it wasn't able to install it.
Tried the following things:
Safemode- Nogo
Booting from another sdd and editing the registry on pc with issues- Nogo
Deleting registry entries for hidguardian and moving installation and service file(was getting a bit nervous by then 🙏 ) - Nogo
Finally, was able to dig out an old ps2 mouse which got me back on track by enabling my mouse. Reverted all the above changes and stopped the hidguardian service - Nogo
Uninstalled hidguardian - Nogo
Finally went through system restore(usually try to avoid getting this close to a windows reinstall lol) to a point prior to the initial hid guardian installation - Yay!!
Just leaving this here in case someone runs into the same issue, I've seen some unresolved posts on reddit with this same problem. Hope this helps someone.

Edit: was a bit high while doing all this, so perhaps I should've done it on a different order 💨

Where did you even get it and why did you tinker with it? I mean, I'm used to people ignoring every little bit of documentation I provide but what do I have to do next, a flashing, screaming banner? Or switch the repositories to private?