ViGEm Auto-Updater: The certificate for just expired and needs to be renewed!

Today I noticed that ViGEmBusUpdater.exe ran on my system. Because when it did, I got a certificate warning as it attempted to query the update URL.

I looked into it real quick, and saw that the TLS certificate for expired essentially today.

20200110-180107 Certificate.png

The other ViGEm website certificates seem to be fine; so perhaps you just need to double-check your Let's Encrypt / Certbot settings for the updates. subdomain in particular and make sure that it gets renewed properly. Because it looks like the auto-renewal process just isn't happening for it right now.

(Or maybe just go for a wildcard certificate for the entire domain? It's been a little while since I last messed around with Let's Encrypt, so I forget how easy or difficult those are to do. I suppose the feasibility of integrating that may depend on the specifics of your overall setup too...)

Yeeeeeeaaaaah this subdomain is on the "old" webserver having config issues unfortunately, I'll fix as soon as I get to it, thanks.

Ahoy! It's fixed for good now 😅