ViGEm Auto-Updater: The certificate for just expired and needs to be renewed!

  • Today I noticed that ViGEmBusUpdater.exe ran on my system. Because when it did, I got a certificate warning as it attempted to query the update URL.

    I looked into it real quick, and saw that the TLS certificate for expired essentially today.

    20200110-180107 Certificate.png

    The other ViGEm website certificates seem to be fine; so perhaps you just need to double-check your Let's Encrypt / Certbot settings for the updates. subdomain in particular and make sure that it gets renewed properly. Because it looks like the auto-renewal process just isn't happening for it right now.

    (Or maybe just go for a wildcard certificate for the entire domain? It's been a little while since I last messed around with Let's Encrypt, so I forget how easy or difficult those are to do. I suppose the feasibility of integrating that may depend on the specifics of your overall setup too...)

  • Yeeeeeeaaaaah this subdomain is on the "old" webserver having config issues unfortunately, I'll fix as soon as I get to it, thanks.

  • Ahoy! It's fixed for good now 😅


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