BthPS3 Incompatible with PSMoveService?


I was trying to get the PSMoveService Navi controller working with the SCPDriver as per the PSMoveService instructions and it didn't really work very well, so I followed your how-to for removing it and switched to the BthPS3 with ViGEm (I was already using InputMapper).

Everything works fine, except it appears that the BthPS3 is doing something to the Move controllers so that they no longer connect to the Move service. If I disable the "Nefarius Bluetooth PS Enumerator" in device manager, then the PS Move controllers connect just fine (but of course not the navigation controller, which appears as a PS3 controller). If I enable the Bluetooth PS enumerator, the navigation controller connects, but not the PS Move controllers.

Is there a way of excluding the hardware IDs of the PS Move controllers from the "Nefarius Bluetooth PS Enumerator" service so they work as before? Obviously there must be some way of excluding, since my bluetooth keyboard and mouse still work correctly. I'm assuming that because they are made by Sony that the enumerator is somehow catching them, trying to treat them like the Navi controller.

There is a way, but it would require a modification of the driver which is not currently being worked on; however, the driver should not be affecting anything other than the reported name string to the windows system. The move controller, as far as I can recall, is not fully implemented.

I'll look into this more.

Thanks very much - all I really want is for this BthPS3 to completely ignore the Move motion controllers and let them be handled the normal way, that way the PSMoveService will still see them and they will stay connected. Normally when the PSMoveService is running, I would push the button, it would detect they were connected, and they would stay connected. When the Nefarius Enumerator is enabled, when I push the button on the motion controller to connect, it shows "connected" under bluetooth settings and I see the PSMoveService rescanning the hardware but not finding the controller, and the move controller light goes solid for about 6-8 seconds showing that it connected but then goes out and it disconnects. Disabling the Nefarius Enumerator allows it to connect and the PSMoveService detects it again.

The reason for wanting to get rid of the ScpDriver is that the officially recommended combination of the ScpDriver for one bluetooth dongle (dedicated to the Navi) and InputMapper/ViGEm for the other dongle (running the DS4 controller, move, keyboard, and mouse) seemed to be causing SteamVR to crash on start when it was detecting the navigation controller. I figured it was possibly some kind of potential incompatibility by having both on the same system. The Navi controller itself works great with the BthPS3, but I would like everything to work at once.


Try going into windows register editor (Regedit), then to ->


and change "IsMOTIONSupported" to "0"... Or maybe the right key is "IsNAVIGATIONSupported"? Change both of them to "0" just to be sure. Then try to connect your move controller.

Sometimes these parameters will revert back to the default values, so if this work be sure to remember save the parameters address somewhere or to export the "parameters" register folder

Thank you! IsMOTIONSupported to 0 has fixed everything. I do want the BthPS3 to handle the navigation controller (that is the sole reason I installed it) so I left it at 1.

Is there a chance that could be changed to a default setting in the installer? IsMOTIONSupported set to 0 instead of 1?

If it doesn't really work right now with BthPS3, at least that will make it easier for people trying to get it to work with PSMoveService.

Currently the recommended "solution" for using PSNavi with PSMoveService is to install a second bluetooth dongle for PSNavi only and set it up with ScpTools 1.6, but this new solution works much better and uses a single dongle. IsMOTIONSupported set to 0 by default instead of 1 would mean an easier time for people wanting to use this solution for the PS Navi with PSMoveService used for the PS move.

Hey hey, cool find! This is the project mentioned, right? I didn't know that 🙂

Yeah, makes sense, since I don't plan on adding anything "official" for Motion support myself anytime soon I see there's benefit in defaulting to disabling that functionality.

Do bear in mind that I have to submit to Microsoft again for such changes so no promises on when an update becomes available.

Also I guess a little configuration tool for the basic service settings would be useful.


@nefarius yup that project. There is a SteamVR bridge for it that lets you use the controllers in Steam, and they even show up as move controllers in games etc. If you want to use PSNavi with it, it requires that you use another program to make the Navi appear as an XBox controller so that it can see and use it. Previously the solution was to set up a second dongle with ScpDriver 1.6 just to run the Navi, but your new BthPS3 solution works even better and does exactly the same thing.

@felagund cool! Glad to see my genius contributes to getting rid of SCP 😁