BthPS3 FFB problem

i'm using a DS3 and when using bt connection the FFB sometimes remain stucked (it continue to rumble till it receive another rumble request). No problem when using usb.
I have a TPlink UB400 (tried another dongle also) and tried to use an extension to avoid interference with the case.


hm, using the latest and greatest version of everything?

Shibari 1.4.125
BthPS3 1.2.1
Vigembus 1.16.116


I'm experiencing this same issue with both original ds3 controllers.
To expand on this, I installed Shibari, Fireshock, BthPS3 and Vigembus recently on my laptop as well as my gfs and mine has this problem but my gf doesn't. Possibly the main difference is that I had SCP before this and she didn't.

Update: My gf appears to also suffer from it but in a much lesser scale, it just doesn't happen as often.

Shibari is the culprit then 👀

Thanks for reporting, no ETA of any attempt to look into this though.