BthPS3 - "IsWIRELESSSupporte" parameter (and maybe others) change when installing a new dongle / Reinstalling drivers of a existing one

Situation: the default parameter for "IsWIRELESSSupported" is "0" (Disabled) right after the BthPS3 setup.

Problem: Installing a new dongle or unninstalling a connected dongle / integrated bluetooth then reinstalling it after changes the "IsWIRELESSSupported" back to "1".

Tested with: dongle in a PC and integrated bluetooth card in a notebook.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Change "IsWIRELESSSupported" to "0" if it isn't already on BthPS3's parameters on windows' registry
  2. Open device manager and unninstall the current active bluetooth device
  3. Make windows reinstall the bluetooth dongle
  4. "IsWIRELESSSupported" will be back to "1" on BthPS3's parameters on windows' registry

Note: didn't have time to test with other parameters, maybe it actually is reverting all parameters to "another" default state different from the ones set by the setup.

That's because the value is altered by the setup, not the INF since I didn't have the time nor interest to re-submit the driver for signing just for this change. I'll consider it in the future though, thanks for noticing.