O how joyfully


Public announcement: I am not dead. End of announcement.

Last few weeks I had to devote more time towards my job and keeping the Christmas money rolling in 😜 Private life also wanted a slice of my cake of time, didn’t want to share but you know… can’t always escape to the code cave. Anyways, I plan on getting back on track within the Christmas holidays and maybe publish a small present to my brave and patient readers and followers.

Next on my list is adding compatibility of PCSX2 with Shibari. Which reminds me: I missed another announcement 😮

ScpToolkit successor: Shibari

I think it’s time to lift the curtain: I won’t continue development for ScpToolkit anymore, at least no major updates. The development and community feedback regarding the ScpToolkit uncovered a lot of issues only a re-write could solve. So that’s what I did. The successor is called Shibari, is still in an early yet working stage and is designed with manageability and extend-ability in mind. I can’t really do it justice in this short paragraph so I’ll devote a separate article to it at a later time.

Over and out 👋