Is "BthPS3 Bluetooth Driver_v1.2.1.exe" corrupted?

Your driver seems great so I wanted to try it but I had an issue when I tried to download it from this page: .
My antivirus blocked it, but I found a way to download it (always from the same page).
So, I tested it with the site (uploading it) and it was reported as containing a malware by 3 antivirus engines. (cf screenshot below )
Is it normal?
Thank you for your hard work.
alt text


odd, hashes match with the one on my local system, size and signature is fine as well and I can ofc. install it fine as well.

Probably "reputation-based" false-positive since the file isn't wide spread and popular - yet.

Even 1.2.0 was flagged already, no idea why, I don't check those TBH, way too much false positives in self-compiled stuff and AV manufacturers don't bother providing proper reporting for whitelisting so why should in turn I bother wasting my resource "proving" it's clean 😇

TL;DR: I'm fairly certain that it's clean (if you consider my software clean anyway haha)


Thank you nefarius for your answer and your work (and to sharing it of course!!!) !
I was thinking of a false positive too, but maybe you should have an other explication.

I'll report here how clean I find your sofware 😉

Have a nice day.


I sent a "false positive declaration" request to my antivirus provider.
They (say they) will scan the file again.
I hope they will update their database ^^.



I reply myself again!

I tried your drivers-utilities combo and it works very well (so far).
So I installed shibari and my two DS3 connect very fast.
I just have a question: is there a way to disconnect the controller without stoping the shibari(.dom.server) service?
I've found the command "Restart-Service Shibari.Dom.Server" that allows to shutdown the controller and have the service running again (if I want to pair a DS3 again).
But this command (shutdown all controllers and) needs to be launched as administrator so I'm looking a way (maybe here link text ) to allow "all local users" to restart the service .
Then I will search a way to simply do it from a desktop icon (named "save DS3 battery" 😉 ).

If you have any advices...

Thank you again for your work.

See you

@sylkyls for now, press and hold the PS button of the controller for around 10 seconds and it will shut off and disconnect. I'll probably throw the old "quick disconnect" button combo from SCP back into Shibari as well in the near future.

Another fairly simple way to code is an idle timer within Shibari to drop the connection if input doesn't change for like 5 minutes or so.

Also a big request is battery status, which makes sense. For that I still need a somewhat convenient method of display since the console window isn't available when run as a service.


@sylkyls said in Is "BthPS3 Bluetooth Driver_v1.2.1.exe" corrupted?:


I sent a "false positive declaration" request to my antivirus provider.
They (say they) will scan the file again.
I hope they will update their database ^^.


Thanks. When I get to it a can try (or someone else even) to submit the individual files the installer contains to Virus Total, maybe it complains about an individual component.

A few months ago I had Windows Defender complain about the BthPS3Util executable. Written by me. Compiled by me. Run on the same machine it was written on. I had to whitelist my build directory or I couldn't continue working 😅 it went away on its own after a few days. I guess "machine learning" or some other voodoo gave up on flagging my own executables 😜



@nefarius You're joking! 😭
I just finished to do what I wanted to ^^'

I followed this 2 methods:

  • To allow everyone to restart the service : link text (Security Template method because I'm not familiar with command prompts)
  • To create a desktop shortcut: link text (to a PowerShell .PS1 script with only this command: Restart-Service Shibari.Dom.Server )

Now I know it was useless, but it was interesting to search how to do it... And maybe someday it will help someone... 😅

Thank you for your answers and work again.
Sorry for my bad english (I'm french so everyone should understand why 😉 ).