I am getting bad occasional delay making playing impossible

  • Can any of you guys smarter than me tell me how to fix the input delay im getting with my ds3 when using ViGEm/Shibari. I tried the old SCP service trick of setting the process priority to realtime but it seems to do nothing, any tips/solutions?

  • Which solution for the wireless side of things are you using? BthPS3?

    Those issues are almost a 100% of the time hardware issues with standard Bluetooth radio interference. If you sport a regular USB dongle (not an integrated card) I recommend you get a so called USB repeater and place the dongle somewhere else in the room, this completely eliminated lag issues in my living room! Cheers!

  • @nefarius I am not using Bluetooth, just straight up usb into my pc, i got it working perfectly on SCP, until the program just broke completely. Now with this one it connects but the delay is baad.

  • Oh I see. Well, that's odd and unfortunate. But I bet solvable in the long run ☺

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