BthPS3 installation troubles

  • @nefarius Unfortunately, the installer cannot install the driver for me. I used "Universal Extractor 2" and "Msi Extract" to extract the driver. Then I used "install.cmd" commands in "Windows Powershell". Like this: "./BthPS3Util.exe - installation driver --inf path". \ BthPS3_PDO_NULL_Device.inf "--force >> install.log 2> & 1"

    After that, the bluethooth driver was installed successfully. Then I realized I had to install a "DS3 Compatible BTH device". I used DeviceManager-> Action-> AddLegacyHardware-> manual-> Alldevice-> HaveDisk ... then find inf "BthPS3.inf".
    Then I run the server and it does not work. Looks like the "1.4.119" version is outdated. I downloaded Shibari source code for research and debugging.I just build from source and it's working now. It's a bit hard to set up, but thanks for your job.
    BTW i think because of my DS3 fake i need to disable and connect 2 times while server open.

    Can we check the battery life anywhere?

  • No, that's the latest Shibari version and known to work. No, there is no battery indicator and no feature additions planned currently. Sorry to hear the setup failed you, although I can't recommend manually poking around.

    Having to connect fakes multiple times is normal, see the FAQ.

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