PlayStation(R) 3 Peripherals Unofficial Bluetooth Drivers (BthPS3)

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    What's this?

    Ever wanted to use those pesky outdated yet absolutely lovely game controller devices shipped with your PlayStation(R) 3 on the Windows platform without constantly tripping over wires in your living room and risking becoming a victim of gravity? 🤔 Well fear no more, you've come to the right place, mate! We got just the piece of magnificent software you need and all it will cost you is a few minutes of your precious time! 🎉

    Coming to you from the Austrian University of Awesome (AUA 🏫), BthPS3 has surfaced as the result of research and development by one crazed fella; Dr. Nefarius! 👀 Known for his expertise of building software nobody knows how to even install or, for that matter, getting rid of! 😲

    Sounds exciting? Want to join the herd and risk getting your PC turned into something even greater than before? Well, what are you even waiting for, keep on reading, spirited traveler! 👇

    Uh, what do you need from me?

    Simple! Just latest Windows 10 and any Bluetooth USB device or integrated card (like those you commonly find in portable computers, a.k.a. Laptops) running stock (a.k.a vanilla) drivers! No SCP, no AirBender, just the defaults 😃 (well, not quite, but keep on reading 'till the bottom of the page! 👀 )


    Sweet, give me! How to install?!

    ☝ Grab and run the setup, it will tell you everything but I'll repeat again, just in case 😉

    ❗ Now is the time to plug in your Bluetooth dongle, if you haven't already ❗

    👉 If you have an integrated card - like on laptops - make sure it is turned ON before you continue! 👍

    If you don't, setup will be very sad 🐼 and will abort mission.

    So play along and ensure it's happy, will ya 😀

    👉 Hit Next 👀


    👉 Ignore and accept the license agreement where I get to claim possession over your kitchen appliances 🍯


    👉 Only one more step, you're almost there! Hit Install 👀


    👉 Oh my, things are happening 😲


    🎉 You did it! You made it through the setup, I'm so proud of you ❤


    Now since the "Show next steps" button currently suffers from some issues I'll tell you right now where to go next. Click here and continue!

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