Disable vibration?

I don't know what info I need to give!!
So other options is to just use keyboard, remove rumble motor from controller or downgrade system to use ScpToolkit
You can modify DLL to disable it but I heard this will give anti-cheat warnings https://github.com/john-peterson/bin-patch/wiki/XInput

Jesus, kid, calm down, people have jobs you know 😉

Like what controllers for example. Xbox ones? Without some nifty techniques like API hooking or filter drivers, nope, not possible.

Whatever you linked there isn't from me so I have no idea what it does nor can I vouche in any way for its safety.

I see, proxy DLL. Yep, that's another approach but anti chest won't be happy 😉

My controller is PS3. It vibrate too much while driving car. Disable vibration was possible on scp from the beginning

Well, SCP is no more so... 🤷

@nefarius Well what I would like to see is controlling the intensity of the vibration myself.

@nefarius can you at least add the option for Shibari?

@emanresu I see what I can do. 🙂

Yes, you now can disable Vibration Globally via Shibari "settings.json" file configuration.

       * Emulates an Xbox 360 Controller
      "fullName": "Shibari.Sub.Sink.ViGEm.X360.Core.ViGEmSinkX360",
      "configuration": {
         * Enabled by default, set to false to disable
        "isEnabled": true,
         * Rumble (Force Feedback) specific settings
        "rumble": {
           * Implementation currently bugged, disable here if facing issues
          "isEnabled": false

change "isEnabled" in "rumble" section to "false", and then Restart Shibari Service.

you must download the latest Shibari from here :

i use https://buildbot.vigem.org/builds/Shibari/master/1.6.180/