Can't get rid of Airbender

I did a Windows reset (for other reason) but Airbender carried over and every time I plug a BT adapter it shows up as an AirBender Bluetooth Device, and can't be used with any of my BT peripherals... I've (probably unadvisedly) removed the AirBender and FireShock .dll's, uninstalled the bluetooth device and auto-detected it many times, still comes back as AirBender device. How do I get rid of it?

Same as any other driver, go to Windows Device Manager, right-click on the device, chose uninstall and tick the remove drivers box. Re-plug. Repeat until stock drivers attach again by its own. Done 👌


Bless you... I kept uninstalling it, never realizing that if I went into the properties there was a checkmark to delete the driver, so it kept just reinstalling AirBender.