BthPS3 customization for workout with Motion controllers

Just stumbled across this - fantastic work!

I've got a very niche use case that I think, if I'm understanding what this will enable, this would take care of!
I'd like to be able to setup the tablet portion of my Surface Book on the treadmill and use a couple of PS Move Nav controllers to game with 2 independent controllers, one in each hand, while I jog, as if they were two halves of an Xbox controller.

Today, to do that, I have to prop my whole Surface Book, including the base, up on a treadmill, since all the ports for USB are in the base, not in the detachable tablet portion. The whole folded over Surface Book doesn't fit on most treadmills, and when it does, it's a constant game of "don't jog too hard, or you're going to knock it off." Plus I have to carry around a Titan Two hardware device to accept in the PS Move Nav controllers over Bluetooth, combine them, and output them as one Xinput controller to the Surface Book. Gets me some really funny looks when I'm spending 5 minutes setting up all this stuff and carrying in a bag full of stuff just to use the treadmill! 🙂

As the future plans for this stand, would one eventually be able to connect up 2x PS Move Nav controllers and combine them into a single Xinput output controller with mappable buttons? E.g. Move Nav #1 Dpad = Dpad, L1 = L1, L2 = L2, Analog = Left analog, X = Select, O = Start, and Move Nav #2 Dpad = face buttons, L1 = R1, L2 = R2, Analog = Right analog, X = X, O = O. This would enable two independent Move controllers to act as a single controller, right to the built-in Bluetooth, which means I could drop the need for the big bulky Surface Book base, and just use the tablet portion (which, by itself, fits fine on treadmills), without the Titan Two adapter needed. Just plop down the tablet, turn on my controllers, and go.

If it's not something already on the roadmap, I'd seriously be willing to chip in a couple hundred bucks toward that, as being able to get to "Just carry the tablet portion of the Surface Book + 2 Move Nav controllers" instead of all the stuff I have to rig up today is something I've been trying to find a solution to forever!

One other question: knowing nothing about driver development, is this something that would be easy to be recompiled / released in ARM64 format for upcoming Windows 10 on ARM tablets like the Surface Pro X?

(Sorry for the wall of text, just really excited that this solution I've been working around forever may actually exist soon!)

Hi @IonBlade 👋

That should be possible, yes. This software stack doesn't dictate how the controllers get presented to the system, that's a different story and once I've documented the API I've designed in theory any other dev can take those inputs and refine them in any way shape or form 😇

ARM/ARM64 shouldn't be a problem either, I don't have hardware myself to test but I don't use anything explicitly x86_64 specific so should work just fine. Maybe we could test it together.

Since I happen to own a business I can also accept customization commissions 😝


@nefarius Totally makes sense! I haven't settled on a device yet - my Surface Tablet portion can only get around 1.5 hours streaming games from my home PC, and my goal was to hit around 2 hours, so I'm currently going back and forth on my next generation options between a Surface Go LTE (x86-64) or a Surface Pro X (ARM64). Just waiting on the benchmarks for the x86 compatibility layer to come out to see if Windows on ARM's translation can run up to PS1 emulators and PPSSPP and older x86 games for local fallback when 4G deprioritizes my streaming traffic before I make a decision. Leaning Surface Go though, so ARM64 compatibility may be a non-issue.

What would be the best place to discuss a commission? Not sure if you want to do it here in the thread or if I should email you to not muddy the thread up. I assume my case is so niche that it'd be hard to find others to come in on an input customization / combining layer, and don't want to ask you to commit to a ton of work if a couple hundred bucks wouldn't be worth the hours and hours of work you'd be putting in, but I'm definitely up to discuss commissioning something if you're open to it!

I've taken us to a dedicated thread 😉 the forums have a private chat but I prefer chatting via Discord (invite link), I have a business e-mail address as well ofc. but that's more for passing documents and boring slow-paced conversations 😉