How can i detect my xbox360controller inputs ?

I have an xbox360controller how can i detect input ?
I mean when i press a or b or X, b what ever.. that controller events how to get ?.. actually my aim i have an xbox360controller and when press something i share that pressing details to other PC and make virtual xbox360 controller. Simply ( xbox360controller over network ). I know usb network gate, and much more usb over network. But my gamepad was Bluetooth controller, i can't share Bluetooth devices. thats y I'm making own xbox360controller over network.. that's it..

Mate, there's a literal ton of information about how to read gamepads out in the open already plus you've listed a lot of questions that would need in-depth page-long answers, I advise you utilize the search engine of your choice first before assuming anyone around here will give a spoon-fed answer...