How to shut down controller

Hey, first of all, thanks. First time using it, and the combo shibari/fireshock/airbender just work (almost) flawlessly so far.
The USB work as intended except when I unplug the service stop for some reason but I set it up to restart if it fail once and it seems to be enough to fix this issue.

The bluetooth works just fine as well even though the pairing require console command and I just made a .bat file to make it even easier/faster.

I use this combo with my computer integrated's bluetooth (sacrificed for the cause) and my four (sony)DS3 (only tested with 2 simultaneously actually).

SO : I'm already very happy as an user to be able to make it work so well but I was wondering if there is anyway to disconnect controller with a combokey like in ScpToolkit or a console command?
Ideally, the possibility to disconnect a selected controller would be nice.

Just wondering if it's already possible, otherwise I can think of some workaround like resetting the service.

Banh Canh


TL;DR: quick disconnect combo like in SCP currently simply isn't implemented, I'm afraid you have to press and hold the PS button for around 10 seconds to force-shut-off the controller. It will come back one day 😃


Thanks, I wasn't aware we could shut it that way and I tried but without success unfortunately, not a big deal though..

I did some diggin' in the research forum and reading your note was quite entertaining lol. What you are doing looks promising 🙂