HidGuardian/HidCerberus stopped working?

Hi there,

i already used them for some months, but after upgrading Win10 to 1903 all went south.
I did a fresh win10 install and both tools installed just fine but i just can't hide any devices anymore.

I can see the HidGuardian Virtual Device in the device manager and its working flawlessly. At least the DM tells me that...
The HidCerberus service is also running and i can hide my devices via the config page.
But every single prog can easily find them

Is there anything i can do?

Errr, this beast is a bit hard to troubleshoot, we could give it a go on Discord?


sorry for the late reply.
Yeah, sure. Just tell me when

Best regards

Anytime dude, the invite link is at the top of the forum menus.


I'm also having this issue on 1903, if you need info for for troubleshooting this issue, I can help you.

Thanks in Advance