HidGuardian/HidCerberus stopped working?

  • Hi there,

    i already used them for some months, but after upgrading Win10 to 1903 all went south.
    I did a fresh win10 install and both tools installed just fine but i just can't hide any devices anymore.

    I can see the HidGuardian Virtual Device in the device manager and its working flawlessly. At least the DM tells me that...
    The HidCerberus service is also running and i can hide my devices via the config page.
    But every single prog can easily find them

    Is there anything i can do?

  • Errr, this beast is a bit hard to troubleshoot, we could give it a go on Discord?


  • sorry for the late reply.
    Yeah, sure. Just tell me when

    Best regards

  • Anytime dude, the invite link is at the top of the forum menus.


  • I'm also having this issue on 1903, if you need info for for troubleshooting this issue, I can help you.

    Thanks in Advance

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