Any plans to implement SixAxis tilt/motion capability?

Still stuck on motion joy as it is the only software I can find that supports the tilt feature it outputs the tilt through D input as a few different axis. SCP toolkit was better but never had support for D-input that I could tell and emulated the DS3 as an x360 controller. This new project is looking really promising but I need motion controls to play Wii games. Any plans to implement this feature? Sony even released drivers that work with the motion but my understanding is they only work in the PS now app and do not support Bluetooth.
Thank you for your time, I understand this is a niche issue!

Basically exposing those functions to the system isn't a big deal. The problem is that I myself do not in any way have the mental capacity to deal with gyro and accelerometer transformation without going insane. If I'd get help on that you'll have that feature over night. As simple as that. This whole motion topic is just too much for my non-math-tuned mind, sorry 🙂

Thank you for the response, I hope someone does come forward who can help. Keep up the good work!