Can I use ViGEm Bus Driver and ViGEmClient in propietary app

  • Hello, i was wondering if i can use ViGEmClient library in propietary app? It is under MIT license so i can use it am i right?
    Another question is about ViGEm Bus Driver which is under GPL3 license, and I am not sure if I can add its installer into my app installer? In this situation should i expose installer code as GPL3 or a whole app code as GPL3? Or should i only inform user that he need to download and install driver from ViGEm Bus Driver installation page? Or maybe I can't make any of these, but if i cant than why ViGEmClient is under MIT?
    I am a bit confused 🙂

  • Hello!

    Yes, you absolutely can and also statically link against the client code, that's why it's under MIT.

    The driver sources are GPL3 and the binaries I provide on GitHub in the official installer are based upon those, tested and WHQL certified. You can look at it as a dependency, like .NET or Qt or... and are very welcome to either direct users to the setup (preferably) or if you need some automatism the setup can also be invoked with a /quiet flag to run silently.

    In case you wanna build and ship the driver by yourself I request the license to be honored and any changes being made (especially improvements and fixes) open to the public. It's the least I can expect from a free product with hundreds of hours flown into 😉

    Hope this helps, cheers!

  • Cool!
    And I dont wanna build it by mysylef. In case any bug fixes i prefer to make a pull-request in original repo rather than setting up all builds from scratch.
    Thanks! 🙂

  • I've had a few "incidents" in the past so I had to be more restrictive, for 99% of the user-base it should be fine. I plan on keeping this ride going for as long as I can 😛

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