SCP toolkit disables usb to ethernet adapter

I've got a few questions.
Downloading scp toolkit causes my ethernet connection to stop working. I've found that I can fix it by uninstalling the 10/100 lan driver in libusbK. How do I get it to not override the usb to ethernet adapter in the first place?

Also, how do I get a strikepack to work with scp consistently (ds4)? It worked the first time I installed but since then if I reinstall the drivers it doesn't make that sound that lets you know its connected. I then restart my computer and the controller is unresponsive.

If someone could guide me on how to get scp toolkit and my usb to ethernet adapter to work upon installation as well as how to get a strikepack to work properly with scp toolkit that'd be great.
I used this tutorial to use the strikepack.

SCP toolkit is no longer supported and has been abandoned for several years. Don't know why it overrides your ethernet, try to have it detached at the moment of installation. The connection issue could be caused by service not getting started at system startup. You can either start it manually in Services or run SCPServer.exe when you want.

ok thanks. Is their any alternative to scp toolkit for ds4 controllers that you know of? (other than ds4windows)

SCP does exactly what you tell it to do. You have selected your USB adapter in the driver installer, I can bet a million dollars on it. You need to fix that manually via the removal guide I provided.

👉 Link to guide

Good luck