A break from the past

Alright alright alright! ☝

It finally happened yesterday evening: I've nuked the legacy PowerShell modules, NuGets and last but not least the docs.vigem.org platform got trashed as well and now redirects to the forums! I've also deleted the old ViGEmBus download link as this won't be updated anymore and redistributing outdated drivers is certainly an awful idea.

Quite the hardcore thing to do but honestly, I've spawned so many unnecessary web platforms in my journey I just can't be bothered to come up with a "graceful transition" for everything. We've kept and ported the still valid documentation over to the forums, so nothing of value has been lost.

Now once I got this hardware chaos under control which currently is my (WHQL) lab I might finally get back to coding 😆

Thanks for reading my ramblings, to the future!