ViGEm Framework Roadmap

I got asked about a long-term roadmap for the ViGEm project so here it is. It’s sorted by appearance in my head, not priority or chronology or something that’s close to a system 😜

Add/Improve Documentation

I won’t sugarcoat it; I suck at documenting my APIs and ideas 😅 It’s not that I’d dislike documentation but I’d rather spend my time on coding, reverse engineering and solving riddles. Since the projects are intended to provide a framework for other developers it’s crucial to improve this part.

Standardize and harden APIs

I tend to change APIs without version bumps which isn’t best practice at least 😁 I should also mention that before this project I didn’t really design publicly available APIs so I just make up things as I go. Feedback always welcome of course 😉

Provide example applications

When diving into new frameworks or libraries I tend to search for some example implementations first instead of pondering over documentation. I typically whack together some simple console application if I wanna test new features and tend to forget them after success. This should improve massively since nothing beats nicely commented ready-to-use code.

Add Xbox One Controller emulation

Although I successfully created a working proof-of-concept there’s still a long road ahead of me if I wanna provide stable XBONE Controller emulation. Since hunting bugs and reacting to user feedback was my main priority the last couple month I kinda procrastinated on this topic. I don’t want to ditch it though since there is obvious user demand for this feature.

Work on Website and Forums

Coding currently eats up a lot of my time (besides other pesky real-life tasks 😜) so I’m always short on updates and general social-media stuff. I should really rename this to “respond to messages in time” generally. Oh well… 😇

Continue updating the ScpToolkit

Yes, yes, I haven’t forgotten about this delicate topic and I am aware about the community demands. It’s just that the driver development ate up so much time and brain power I didn’t have enough energy left for support, fixes or new features at all. Hope you can understand that 🙃

Update this post

There sure is a lot I forgot to include in this post but that’s all my brain can take at this time so… time for more procrastination! 😅