• Hi,

    first of all I want to thank you for creating this!
    I currently try to control a PS3 Game running on RPCS3 called "Super Rub a Dub".
    So far so good, I can control the menu by using the dualshock4 controller with ViGem.
    But the game needs the pad orientation (motion sensors) to be played.
    I couldn't find any setting on the C# classes that allow to emulate this.
    Is there a way? Or is there another good workaround to emulate this?

    Edit: When I connect my PS4 controller via USB, everythings works as expected. So it seems, that the controller sends additional information...

    Best regards

  • The virtual DS4 created by ViGEm currently has no Gyro/Accel support built in so that's probably what you're experiencing.

  • Thank you for the quick answer.
    Do you see any chance that this will come in a near future or is there at least some documentation on what is missing to implement that? Thanks in advance

  • Why do you even need ViGEm in this case btw.? I've been told that RPCS3 has native DS4 support and it seems you have the physical hardware so...?

    As for the feature request I honestly can't tell currently, there's still too much in the pipeline for me right now.