Nuking ViGEm completely (thorough removal)

  • I found myself in a position where I had to get rid of every trace of ViGEm on a Windows 10 system, after having installed it using the PowerShell commands here. Possibly, installing and removing Parsec also leaves some of these files around.

    So, to get rid of all of ViGEm on a Windows 10 system:

    Let's run the uninstall steps from the original documentation in an elevated PowerShell window:

    Get-ViGEmBusDevice | Remove-ViGEmBusDevice

    All your ViGEm devices should now be gone - check in device manager just to be sure.

    Now, to remove the driver service, use this in a Windows elevated prompt (as admin):

    sc delete ViGEmbus

    Now the driver service is removed and you can remove C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\ViGEmbus.sys yourself.

    Now, to get rid of all the Powershell tools we've used to install ViGEm, use these commands in an elevated PowerShell console:

    Remove-Module ViGEmManagementModule
    Unregister-PSRepository -Name ""

    If you get the error that the module is in use, make sure you close all other PowerShell windows.

    This should remove all ViGEm traces from your system, and get rid of the tooling in PowerShell. Be warned: Oculus software comes with its own ViGEm driver files (prefixed by Oculus_). Don't remove them!

  • Just to confirm: it is indeed safe to remove the ViGEMBus.sys binary by hand once the service is removed. Just don't try that with any other drivers on your system 😉 or it might be backup restore time 😬

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