x360ce to ViGEm

x360ce to ViGEm


VDX is a ViGEm Feeder Application designed to create a System-Wide XBox360 or DualShock 4 Gamepad.

Target Audience

  • Windows 7 is the minimum OS version. Don't expect anything lower to be able to work 😉
  • This guide assumes you use the "legacy" (currently still stable) version 3.x of x360ce!


Download VDX and x360ce

  • Please grab the appropriate build for your version of Windows. If in doubt, choose 32-Bit (x86) builds.
  • Download the latest VDX application from here (select the highest version number for the latest edition)
  • Download the latest x360ce application from here

How to use

It's not that hard. I swear! 😃

Gather the files

Attention: Extract x360ce to its own folder and copy VDX into the same folder (e.g. Downloads\x360ce). The only things that should be in this folder are the x360ce application (and any files it generates) and the VDX application. Do NOT copy these files into any game directories like you might be used to.


Configuring x360ce

  • Open the x360ce_x64 application and create the DLL that it prompts you to.


  • You will be prompted to search the internet for default settings. Press next and finish through the dialog.



  • Configure your joystick controls.


  • In some cases where VDX does not detect your controller, you may need to press the auto button in the bottom right of the application before you modify the controls.
  • Save and close out of x360ce

Enabling VDX

👉 Open VDX and press connect



[Pad0] Misconfigured Device, check GUIDs

👉 Delete x360ce.ini and xinput1_3.dll from the application directory and relaunch x360ce