fireshock driver problem

Hi guys, i just follow the guide "Shibari installation instructions" Once i got to the bluetooth section. It never connected to the bluetooth and completely stop working even on USB. Now every time i plug in the DS3. the driver for the fireshock throws This device cannot start. (Code 10) , STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE . Does anyone have an idea to approach this? I try uninstall and reinstalling the driver. No luck. Thanks for the help

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That smells like a device identification issue, are you sure this is a genuine DS3 or a good aftermarket one you have there?

Thanks for the help Nefarius, So I just try plugging in my DS3 and it works! I think the problem is just the PS navigation controller. I'm sorry for the confusion. I was really trying to get the Navi controller to work.

NM i was able to reset the navi controller and it works now with USB. It just doesnt work with bluetooth.

Thanks for the help