Best Driver/Software to use PS3 Controller to emulate it as PS4 Controller wired & wireless

Hey Nefarius,

great to see that there is development going on and even bigger than just drivers for PS3 and Ps3 Dualshock controllers. Currently I was using the last version of the scptoolkit from you but it was annoying always getting shown the xbox button icons instead of the ps4 buttons in modern games (due to the x360 emulation driver). When using the PS4 controller directly (wired) it gets correctly detected as a PS4 controller and therefore showing the right icons.
At best I need a software that allows to select what Gamepad should be emulated, so that i can use my PS3 controller as a PS4 pad.

What software/driver combination do you recommend to use? I saw that ViGEm could be exactly that package that could handle this, but I am not sure how to set that up?

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The biggest challenge in this request is the bastard child that the DS3 is because it won't give you inputs with Windows default drivers.

Everything else can be stitched together with the ViGEmBus and VDX in combination with x360ce as a proxy application (documented here). You could try an old Gen 1 release of FireShock to get the DS3 working without SCP but be warned; it is poorly designed and has a known flaw that it will hog up system resource over run time.

Nothing newer is release-ready yet I'm afraid. Hope this Frankenstein-approach gets you started.


Thanks for the quick reply and heads up about this. Does the fireshock driver also work wireless over bluetooth? If not can I even use SCPtoolkit to at least be able to emulate as PS4 properly using VDX and x360ce?

Nope, this revision of FS is pure USB only. And chaining it with SCP could in theory work.

It would then be as follows:

DualShock 3 (Bluetooth) ➡️ ScpToolkit (and drivers) ➡️ Virtual X360 Controller ➡️ VDX ➡️ ViGEm (virtual DualShock 4)

Looks horrifying but could work 😁

It almost works. But sadly the 360 controller stays active together with the ps4 emulation. Damn, so close 🙂

Yeah, you'd need cough cough HidGuardian Gen 4 as well - which isn't production-ready either 😅