Hi i have seen you played arround with vmulti.sys. I have seen you fork on github. Do you have a signed version of this driver? I would signit myself but as i usually do not develop drivers the 300 for ev certificate is a bit much for me 😞



I don't. I had a play with it and forked it to fix building it with WDK 10 but didn't do more with it. Having an EV cert alone isn't enough, to get it to work on all Windows editions you gotta go through WHQL certification. I can give that a try once I have the new lab set up approximately next month.


Sorry for the late answer i was on vacation 🙂 Wow that would mean a lot to me 🙂 How can i support you in that ? If i can do anything to help you i will do 🙂

I plan on documenting this mess publicly here and will think of something, thanks for the offer 😇

As February is almost over maybe May is the month of the WHQL lab 👨‍🔬

Any news?
I am looking forward to it

I haven't forgotten about this and also a possible client interested in this, it's just queued below other tasks. Like world domination 'n' stuff 😆

Still waiting...

Sorry, I don't have plans to go through the WHQL troubles for this, and it's probably not a good idea to begin with, the project is meant as a demo, not a production-grade solution.