non official PS3 controller

I've just buy a new ps3 controller but it's not a ds3. So I can't use it with my pc. Is there a solution or not ? My controller is detectected by my computer but not as a Xbox controller for windows.

Thanks for your help.

With that little information about the device and about what you want to achieve I can't recommend anything that wouldn't be a waste of both our time.

Before I used a ds3 with SCPtoolkit the version 1.6x but now my ds3 is broken. That's why I bought a wired controller from @playaccessories. My controller is detected by my computer but just as a Playstatio(R) 3 controller. I think that SCPtoolkit don't recognise my controller because it is not a ds3.
I'd like to know how I can turn my controller into an xbox controller.

Well then it's probably just a PS3 compatible aftermarket controller from who knows who. If you're in luck and it sends inputs by itself you might get the trusty x360ce to work with it.

Yes it's working !! Thank you a lot !!!