Fireshock + Scp setup?

I just recently found out about Shibari and decided to try it out. I know it's WIP project and of course things might not working untill at least a proper release. So just to get to the point I installed Shibari and it works for wired, the Airbender unfortunately didn't work. And yes I've installed Scp before and the bluetooth connection with Scp is working great, it's just that everytime the battery ran out as long the dongle is connected trying plugin the cable always messed things up, it's just not recognizing the controller for 80% of the time but when I disconnect the dongle, the controller is fine with cable for some reason.

So my question is, does this setup works? Mainly installing scp for wireless. And yes I use a fake DS3 controller. Oh yea and sidenote, could you add removal guide for the Shibari?


AirBender definitely has no Fake DS3 support so that's most probably what you're experiencing, while SCP has a lot of ugly hacks in it making it work for some models.

Work on AirBender has been discontinued in favor of a new project under development for close to a year now, eliminating the need for an app like Shibari and including full support for the fakes. Unfortunately due to a lot of technical, financial and personal reasons development progresses slowly so ATM we can't offer anything to the public yet.

Good idea with the removal guide; what are you struggling with the most e.g. what should it focus on?


Thank you for the replies.
Anything under a work is always a good news.

Removal about everything? Well, probably Fireshock. Since right click and uninstall and delete driver on bluetooth dongle will resulting on factory default after a reboot. And Shibari service removal, probably I could search google how to remove a service but it's nice to have.