Bluetooth Filter Driver for DS3-compatibility - research notes

Aftermarket compatibility established 😁


2019/10/07-20:04:47.624	TRACE_LEVEL_INFORMATION	++ Device 00F570996325 name: PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller-PANHAI
2019/10/07-20:04:47.624	TRACE_LEVEL_VERBOSE	StringUtil_BthNameIsEqual LHS: "PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller-PANHAI" RHS: "PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller"
2019/10/07-20:04:47.624	TRACE_LEVEL_VERBOSE	StringUtil_BthNameIsEqual LHS: "PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller-PANHAI" RHS: "PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller-PANHAI"
2019/10/07-20:04:47.624	TRACE_LEVEL_INFORMATION	++ Device 00F570996325 identified as SIXAXIS compatible

I dug up more, thanks to the archive of ScpToolkit issues 🤣


Navigation and Motion controllers connect as well. But mine are low on battery, so let's let them plugged in over night 😅

Amazing progress! i can't wait!!!

Pairing devices to BthPS3

Useful link collection for later 😃

Far more comfortable than SCP or going through FireShock 😇

@nefarius I have only one dual shock pad for my pc, already paired, this tool it's useful for pairing new pads ?

@Luke76bg yep. Once paired it ain't needed anymore but it's easier to use (IMHO) than what you need to go through with Shibari and PowerShell. The tool is unfortunately closed source but has a wide audience (Android users) so I'd assume it's just freeware doing what it promises. I don't have the resources currently to provide something of similar value.

Hopefully that close beta testing is going well, can't wait to finally put SCP away and use this alongside other peripherals! ^_^

@anontsuki It's going very well. Unfortunately due to work and health-related issues I need to shift down a few gears and take it easy for the rest of October. So stable production release expected in November I'd say 😑

@nefarius That's okies! You keep it up and keep yourself all in good order! 😃

November isn't far at all.

Trying to sign currently... 💣


So far every submission has been rejected because the CAB format wasn't correct... FML 💢

@nefarius 😧 Something special it needs to be?

Ha! Gotcha!



Building those submission CAB files feels like ancient magic once you haven't done it for a couple of months but I got it 😇

Almost there 😄



Hehehe 😇


Things are getting verrryyyy exciting! Yay 😃

Hey @nefarius firstly I would like to thank you for all your hard work all over those years, as I can't ever recall for how long I've been using tools/drivers you've developed, mostly SCP Toolkit and ViGEm Bus Driver.

I just discovered this thread (and read it entirely) and knowing that a solution that allows communicating wirelessly with DualShock 3 controllers on Windows without needing to "sacrifice" an entire BT Adapter is already a possibility indeed is awesome! Your earlier posts, however, made me raise a question not entirely related to BthPS3, but I need to ask anyway.

I don't know if that behavior is exclusive to newer DualShock 4 controllers (CUH-ZCT2U) but if you connect them through USB Cable (or Bluetooth through Sony's Wireless USB Adapter), Windows will see the regular HID Input device and also an Audio device, which allow using whatever is attached to the DualShock 4 headphone jack out of the box, without any 3rd party drivers or apps, including the mic in case of a headset.

However, if you connect the DualShock 4 through Bluetooth, then only the HID Input device appears. Earlier on this thread, you said DualShock 4 controllers also try to communicate through PSMs 0x11 and 0x13 before being denied and settling on PSM 0x01. It's clearly out of the scope of BthPS3 driver but do you think that perhaps it would be possible to send/receive audio to/from the headphone jack and maybe to the internal controller speaker by communicating with the DualShock 4 through those reserved PSMs instead of the default "PC Mode" the controller falls back?

Audio obviously can work wirelessly as the PS4 itself does that and it also works on Windows if you're using Sony's Wireless USB Adapter, but I find curious how PS4 is nearing its end of life and DualShock 4 audio transmission through Bluetooth seems to remain unknown territory even after all those years...

@mbc07 pardon the delay, I've read your post. In short: I neither have the knowledge nor the capacity/equipment to tackle any audio-related topics regarding the DS4. The driver is modular enough though so future shenanigans may be added.

Some cosmetic improvements 😃 Created a NULL driver INF for the child devices:





Quite slick if I may say so 😏

I'm still polishing the release and haven't died yet, so no worries! 😜


We're pretty much feature-complete at this point 😇



Setup works great, now need to prepare website and installation documentation. Stay tuned 📻