Bluetooth Filter Driver for DS3-compatibility - research notes

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Congratulations on the release and thank you! Having removed Scp (which has served me well at the cost of other Bluetooth devices) I can confirm my Bluetooth headphones working along with my Sixaxis controller being picked up by Windows. Hopefully everything will work fine in games too, time to go test.

Scp has been great and mostly trouble free, I just missed having Bluetooth for other stuff and decided to see if there was a newer solution available. I had literally only stumbled across this project a few days ago and couldn't believe my luck when I saw it was almost due for release. I think the biggest things from Scp I will miss is the state of battery charge function via the controller lights and having to launch Shibari every time I was to use a controller since it doesn't hide in the tray.

Thanks again and good luck for the future, I enjoyed reading this thread.

@Kip thank you kindly, those missing features mentioned are peanuts compared to the whole stack, that's "easy" to add but for now my 2019 is done, see you guys 'n' gals in 2020 🤘

Really looking forward to try this out during the holidays (can't find the time before 😵). Is the source also coming out now, or will you keep that for now?


@Locksmith read the FAQ 😉

It's ready ? For real ? So i can remove scp toolkit driver, install this, and i can pair my dual shock 4 and i will have the same functionality that i have now ? Touchpad i guess it's not usable, right ?

@Luke76bg it is ☺️ but like mentioned many many times before, DS4 isn't the primary focus of this solution and TouchPad functionality is out of the scope of this 😘

@nefarius So it's basically like the scp driver right now ? Touch pad doesn't work eve on that! But scp driver has a nasty problem, i have to pair two times the pad to get it working, i mean i click the central button, the light on the pad become light blue, i have to keep pressed the button for some seconds to shutdown the pad and then, when i press the button again, the pad is recognized by the software and the light become dark blue. This is the standard default behavior. With your new software it's enough one time press button ? Please tell me yes 🐶

@Luke76bg I already answered many times how the DS4 behaves with this and again, the DS4 compatibility is just a side effect, an extra, it's not my primary concern since the DS4 needs no special drivers to function on Windows...

@nefarius Oh sorry i guess i missed these posts maybe, so it's a standard behavior that can't be fixed, not a problem at all, don't worry! ^^

I know this is late but wanted to note for anyone following along that wanted source code to filter on these events,
you can use the code from github usbsnoop project (
Also the IOCTL lookups can be found here (
Additionally there is this discussion (
on how to use the windows driver samples - general toaster driver (
to create a filter driver.