Bluetooth Filter Driver for DS3-compatibility - research notes

🎶 All I want for Christmas, is BthPS3 🎶 😇 😄


I've received a valid concern that the use of trademarked names like "PlayStation(R) 3" could raise unnecessary conflict so I decided to push yet another update removing those and put emphasis in the "not by Sony"-nature of the project 😉 Not my intention to step on anybody's feet and am not skilled enough in trademark laws and exceptions to take the risk.


Stay tuned 😏

And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have all four device classes living together in harmony at last! 🎉




@nefarius Wohooo, I'm so excited! I just can't hide it! ^_^

This is great stuff!

Question, although you've changed the use of trademarked names, do the controllers still get picked up as a "PlayStation(R) 3" controller by whatever program and stuff or will they be seen as something else? (This doesn't matter, just curious).

Release imminent?

@anontsuki for now it will either appear as an emulated X360 or DS4 controller, the name reported by the device - in this case - is totally artificial and up to how I as the driver respond.

Pretty close, like Christmas 😉

@nefarius Oh okay, that's rather normal.

@nefarius amazing work! I was wondering, is this the solution for using ds3 controllers with a cable as well or is SCP still the way to go?

Keep on rocking 🙂

@capibov thanks! 😘 This project is a 100% focused on Bluetooth only, USB I might pick up again in the future if life allows it.


wait how do you pair the controller with the right bluetooth mac address then!?
I guess using shibari and fireshock?

@weab-chan having followed this thread, I believe the goal is for BthPS3 is to be self-contained and not need other tools.
@capibov Shibari works fine with USB-connected controller. 🙂


@Locksmith shibari works fine without fireshock?! or i guess you still need fireshock

@weab-chan yeah I guess that's needed too... ^_^


@weab-chan that will be covered in the release documentation, please refrain from detouring this thread, thanks.

Well, I couldn't help myself, I had to touch, update and refine the USB side of things as well, because literally all available pairing tools (on Windows) are utter garbage 😅





We're getting there...

Insane compilation noises


Um, everything looks so good but... Is there any particular reason for "DS3 Compatible USB Device" and "DS3 Compatible Bluetooth Device" being on their own, separate categories on Device Manager? Why not just show them under the existing "Human Interface Devices" and call it a day?

@mbc07 because they are not HID-compliant, therefore would just add to confusion 😎

Wow man... thanks a lot... BthPS3 is a dream come true...
I will make a small contribution to show my respect and support.
Thanks for this.

Release has gone live! Merry Whatever you celebrate!

I did a thingy, enjoy! 😁 Thanks to anybody following my journey and already donating, hugs and kisses 😘

I'll now vanish into winter vacation, cheers!