DS3 Can't use Bluetooth

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    I've installed Fireshock and AirBender then the Shibari server, everything "worked out" but i can't use bluetooth function.
    Heres the Configuration Result:

    Configuration Result:
    [Success] Name Shibari.Dom.Server
    [Success] DisplayName Shibari Dom Server
    [Success] Description Manages AirBender & FireShock Devices.
    [Success] ServiceName Shibari.Dom.Server
    Topshelf v4.0.0.0, .NET Framework v4.0.30319.42000
    [18:50:39 INF] Loaded sink plugin Shibari.Sub.Sink.ViGEm.Core.ViGEmSink
    [18:50:41 INF] Loaded bus emulator AirBenderBusEmulator
    [18:50:41 INF] Starting bus emulator AirBenderBusEmulator
    [18:50:41 INF] AirBender Bus Emulator started
    [18:50:44 INF] Found AirBender device \?\USB#VID_0A12&PID_0001#6&186AFA3&0&4#{A775E97E-A41B-4BFC-868E-25BE84643B62} (USB\VID_0A12&PID_0001\6&186AFA3&0&4)
    [18:50:45 INF] Bluetooth Host Address: 00:1F:81:00:08:30
    [18:50:45 INF] Bus emulator AirBenderBusEmulator started successfully
    [18:50:45 INF] Loaded bus emulator FireShockBusEmulator
    [18:50:45 INF] Starting bus emulator FireShockBusEmulator
    [18:50:45 INF] FireShock Bus Emulator started
    [18:50:45 INF] Found FireShock device \?\USB#VID_054C&PID_0268#6&186AFA3&0&3#{51AB481A-8D75-4BB6-9944-200A2F994E65} (USB\VID_054C&PID_0268\6&186AFA3&0&3)
    [18:50:45 INF] Device is DualShock3 with address 00:23:06:C3:D6:60 currently paired to 40:E2:30:8B:D0:96
    [18:50:45 INF] Device DualShock3 (00:23:06:C3:D6:60) got attached via USB
    [18:50:45 INF] Connecting ViGEm target Nefarius.ViGEm.Client.Targets.Xbox360Controller
    [18:50:45 INF] ViGEm target Nefarius.ViGEm.Client.Targets.Xbox360Controller connected successfully
    [18:50:45 INF] Bus emulator FireShockBusEmulator started successfully

    Thanks in advance.

  • Originally posted by nefarius

    Bluetooth via AirBender is currently bugged, so nothing we can advise for now, sorry.

  • Originally posted by arczi91

    Bluetooth function work but before change type connection must close shibari server and start again.

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