Mouse and keyboard disabled

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I've had the program installed for a while, and one day I guess it stopped working. Today, I used the Wipe tool and then tried reinstalling the drivers, so I think I chose Dualshock 3 (checked all its boxes), the Bluetooth option, Dualshock 4, and I think Force Drivers. It looked like it installed them all, but my mouse and keyboard stopped working. I kept resetting the computer and unplugging/plugging them, and they do work in the opening screen that deals with the hardware and Windows 10 options of resetting. But as soon as it shows me the sign-in page, they stop working. I did the reset where it erases all apps and settings and keeps the files, but the things are still disabled. Help?

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If you blindly checked all the boxes; congratulations, you told the setup to replace the drivers of probably all your input devices. Hopefully you've made a backup you can restore.