VDX: Mapping to left or right side of DS4 touchpad

Originally posted by F-Man

While using the custom VDX with touchpad mapped to Select (https://downloads.vigem.org/other/paraly/) allows to play PS4 games on PSnow without acquiring a DS4 controller, new PS2 games were recently added where the standard Select and Start buttons are assigned to presses on the far left and right sides of the touchpad, respectively. Without a way to press Start, you can't even get past the title screen in any PS2 game. Would it be possible to make a custom-built version of this tool that would allow to map keys to these? This would mean so much to me, especially since being able to support PS2 classics officially is what sold me onto the PSnow service.

Originally posted by nefarius

I never planned on VDX being more than a demo and it's not really on my agenda currently, sorry.