simple remapping in Vigem driver ?

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    using Parsec streaming android-client (and Vigem/PC on Host-side) I wonder if it is possible to remap controls directly IN Vigem. The Parsec android-client does not offer a working remapper and there are many problems with wrong button assignments.

    I'm using XInput+ to remap now and it works, but this involves a lot of scripting (copying xinputxxx.dll and .ini to game folders and removing them when NOT streaming)

    I found your x360ce2vigem example and it works (even with XInput+) BUT it always creates a second gamepad of course. This is useless, as all games and emus would have to be re-configured all the time.

    I tried using HID-Guardian and got it working but, as expected, as soon as the "original input controller" is hidden, the vigem-created has no feed and is disabled as well.

    I think it would be GREAT if Vigem offers a possibility to change assignments itself.
    Maybe in form of a simple ini file (e.g. LT RT | A B | RS LS ....) remapping the input to the respective output.

    If this is NOT possible or wanted - Any other tools/ ideas/ hacks to just remap an Xinput-controller system-wide (xbox360 for example) ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    this is not a feature I seek to integrate because of growth of complexity. ViGEm driver and library are already low-level enough; I consider remapping as the job of the program actually feeding it.

    So in your case remapping capabilities need to be implemented in the Parsec host.


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