The Great To-Do List of Chaos

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    # Known issues & planned improvements

    ## AirBender

      • Fix race condition causing random Bulk Out Pipe resets by introducing a dedicated WDF queue (GitHub Issue)
      • Implement DualShock 4 support
      • Update README

    ## FireShock

      • Remove/archive old (v1) FireShock binaries & setups known to impact system performance/stability
      • Update README
      • Sync up supported HWIDs (see also) within code & INF
      • Implement DualShock 4 support

    ## ViGEm

      • Introduce & expose player index property on x360 plugin (native & managed client library)
      • Fix exception when enumerating multiple bus instances in PowerShell module (GloSC users seem to be affected)
      • Finish migration to GitHub organization
      • DS4: Implement API to submit Touchpad, Gyro & Accel state changes

    ## HidGuardian

    ## Shibari

      • Populate README
      • Add installation documentation
      • Create basic Advanced Installer setup


      • Finish migration to new directory structure
      • Update README
      • Check repositories/projects for broken links

    # Feature requests


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