Keep Both or Only One (Fireshock/ViGEm)

  • Originally posted by MonfGeiger

    When I heard of this long ago, I installed fireshock and vigem on my computer, and used it for not only steam games, but the various emulators out there, like dolphin and pcsx2; lately, I've been thinking that maybe I didn't need them both; vigem adds on xinput support with fireshock, but DO I really need vigem and fireshock to use my DS4 Controller with dolphin/pcsx2/emulators and steam, or do I really only need just one (and maybe hidguardian to stop some double inputs)

    its been bugging me for a while, so any answers would once again be appreciated

  • Originally posted by nefarius

    @MonfGeiger#207 you don't need either of them for the DS4, except if you need support for games only reading from XInput pads.

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