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    I've compiled AirBender but I'm not sure how to go about installing it. I have 2 bluetooth dongles, if I understand correctly I can dedicate one of the to AirBender and use the other for other BT devices right?

    I tried right clicking the inf and choose install. I also tried right clicking the bluetooth device in device manager and choose "update driver". Also tried to install with devcon and pnputil but to no avail...

    Thank you!

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    Well since it's a driver did you sign it after compiling?

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    @nefarius#193 I've never compile a driver before so not sure how to do with it. But it generated a .cer file when compiled in VS2017. When I googled it seemed like the test signing should be automatic. Do I need to take a further step?

    And also, what is the best way to instll the inf file. Is it supposed to work just by right clicking -> install?


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    @spacelime#194 Sorry, please ignore that post.. got it working now! 🙂 Had to turn off win 10 driver certificate thing...

    Reading the documentation I gather that there is no device generated (dinput or xinput), but rather I can access the input from the controller in my own code via a plugin system. Could you just give me a little example of how this can be done?

    I've made program that generates 4 xinput controllers using VigEm. How could I send the input from a DS3 controller to one of them?


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    That's what my Shibari project does but I haven't had the time yet for a release or more documentation.

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    @nefarius#198 Aha... Cool! I'll look in to it 🙂

    By the way... in the meantime while shibari is in development, do you have any tip how I could install some kind of driver to connect my DS3 via bluetooth and to a DInput device (it can't be XInput because it conflicts with a Vigem project I have).

    SPC Toolkit generates a virtual Xinput, and I guess it's not easy to modify it to only show a dinput right?

    I looked into MotioninJoy but it seems not to work any longer. BetterDS3 seems to be dependent on MotionInjoy.. Is there another alternative that I missed?

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    Shibari does exactly what you describe 😆

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    Haha, oh really... you must be reading my mind and be coding things before they even reach my conciousness!

    So now i'll definitely have to dig in to Shibari I guess 🙂 I'm not skilled enough to figure out how it works though.. I see it's built up out of 7 project that can compile into dll files... Am I to add some code in my Vigem project to make use of these dll's and gain access to the DS3 device?

    Sorry to bother you with these noob questions, but I'm just a bit eager to get started... If you have the time to give me a small example code I would be really happy, but otherwise leave it and I'll come back again in a few weeks 🙂

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    We could continue on Discord if you want, would be a bit faster I guess.

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    Sure, thank you so much 😄 Are you "nefarius" on there?

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    I hope so 😆

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    Channel is linked on main page btw.

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